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Citigo Type – Citigo 3 Door

Citigo Type – Citigo 5 Door

Citigo Type – Citigo Monte Carlo 3 Door

Citigo Type – Citigo Monte Carlo 5 Door

Citigo Type – Citigo 3 Door


From €11,095

Citigo Type – Citigo 5 Door


From €11,595

Citigo Type – Citigo Monte Carlo 3 Door


From €13,855

Citigo Type – Citigo Monte Carlo 5 Door


From €14,355


“This must be a ŠKODA” will come to mind from your first glance. Its distinct and confident design with a finned grille set in a chrome-plated frame, large windows and chiselled headlamps make the Citigo a proud and fitting member of the ŠKODA family.

Compact dimensions

Citigo re-defines what’s possible in a city car – small exterior dimensions yet exceptional interior space offering ample space for four adults. Great manoeuvrability and comfort, Citigo has been designed to deal with almost anything life can throw at it.

Smart interior

Wherever you look, you will find useful storage options, such as clever compartments and ingenious holders. The net pockets on the sides of the front seats are great for storing small items.


Imagine you take a bunch of best friends, a cool DJ, and that smart roommate from college with you everytime you travel in your Citigo…

… or you can leave them doing their business and enjoy some simply-clever electronics instead. “Move&Fun” is a unique Portable Infotainment Device, which offers an array of features – an onboard trip computer, navigation system, Bluetooth hands free and a multimedia player, all in a single device.

Citigo Boot

What may sound like a contradiction actually describes the rear of the ŠKODA Citigo perfectly. Its luggage compartment offers enough room for all the things you need in the city.

In its standard layout, the luggage compartment has a capacity of 251 litres, which ranks it above average in its class. And if you still need more space, the rear seats can be folded to expand the capacity to 959 litres.

Citigo Safety

One of the safety highlights in the ŠKODA Citigo is the City Safe Drive system. It is a breakthrough for safer driving particularly suited to crowded city streets. It has an emergency brake function and a CV (Closing Velocity) sensor, which monitors the traffic in front of the car within 10m at up to 30km/h. Should the driver fail to react to an obstacle in time, the system can prevent a collision.